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tv   BOS Budget and Fianance Committee 101916  SFGTV  October 21, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> all right. good morning, everyone thanks for your patience today is tuesday, october 18, 2016, budget and finance committee i'm supervisor katie tang will be chairing for supervisor farrell and clerk victor young and from sfgovtv thank you jennifer lowe and nona melkonian mr. clerk, any announcements? >> completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the october 25th board of supervisors agenda board of
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supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> >> thank you before we begin can we get a motion to excuse supervisor farrell without objection item one. >> item one retroactively arthur's the district attorney's office to accept and expend a grant in the governor's office of department of emergency management for the elder abuse program. >> thank you. i believe we have someone from our city attorney's office district attorney's office i'm chief of the adoption services i want to thank for hearing this item and give you a little bit of background information on it we currently are a team in the unit that works with elderly independent adults and disabled victims of crime in san francisco we serve 7 thousand victims of crime a year with that unit and other unit we took the opportunity for this grant
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in order to booster our services in the area we choose to focus own two issues under resources for elderly the first is pedestrian fatalities we are working closely with vision zero to target and outreach and gave me our elderly disability adults victims of accidents and fatalities for public waernsz of information campaign, outreach and also provide services four those who have been victimized the other areas are financial scams we have a great relationship the stewards for victims in but the compensation in cover the victims of fraud we have targets for financial fraud with those funds we'll do a lot of preservation work and engagement in the community to
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make elderly in a variety of services and facilities and housing developments to be aware of kind of scams that are happening and targeting them and give them information and resources to help to protect their confidentiality they're not continued to be victimized by financial fraud and help to undo some of the challenges with their finances, with their credits and with the list they get put on once they're targeted we'll take care of that issue. >> thank you for your presentation i work with several of our staff it is effective can you talk a little bit about a matching fund of 5 thousand dollars how that will be provided for . >> we're building on the existing unit that serves the
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elder and adults with disabilities we'll be using staff time for the match and volunteer hours we have a robust volunteer program and victims in the division those volunteers have 2 weeks of full training before they work with our office and assigned to one of the unit and working closely with the advocates probation officer support them and dribble with our victims so they'll be part of our match. >> thank you all of that was the non-volunteer part included in the budget. >> great. all right thank you very much any other questions or comments okay. seeing none and there was no budget analyst report so open up item one, if anyone is here please come on up seeing none, public comment is closed. a motion on that item. >> motion to move this out with a positive recommendation. >> without objection. >> item 2. >> item number one is recommended without objection
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was with supervisor farrell being absent i wanted to note his asbestos. >> item 2. >> the water revenue bonding not to exceed 200 and $95 million to be issued by the public utilities commission of the city and county of san francisco pursuant to prior ordinances and the charter of the city and county of san francisco thank you so we received a request from the puc to continue this item to october 26th so at this time we'll hold off on the budget analyst report and open up for public comment on item 2 seeing none, public comment is closed. get a motion to continue. >> continue. >> all right. without objection with supervisor farrell absent. >> all right. mr. clerk, call item 3 through 7. >> item 3 a intention to
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establish the city and county of san francisco infrastructure and revitalizetion and project areas to finance the construction or acquisition of facilities on yerba buena island and directing the director of public finance to prepare an infrastructure consent of the city and county of san francisco in district one and item 5 intention to issue the bonds for the city and county of san francisco infrastructure and revitalization finance district one and other matters in connection there with and next the intention to establish the city and county of san francisco district number 2016 improvement area and a future aggregation and determine those matters in connection and item 7 resolution of intention to incur bobtd indebtedness not to exceed $5 million for the city and
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county of san francisco for the district number 2016 dash one and determining other matters. >> thank you very much. we have director beck from the transportation authority. >> for more than the past year tida has been working with the public office of finance with the outside consultant and the treasure island to develop treasure island to talk about the districts participated as part of treasure island and bringing those of intent tic did has been a apron and the project was entitled in 2011 beginning in 2014 the developer ramped up they're predevelopment design work submitting 89 first phase and
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sub phase application to the city to review and approval in anticipation of the first land transport happened in may of 2013 with the sub phase application we transferred the first parcels to the developers in february of this year and they have commenced on demolition on yerba buena island and treasure island and issued the first subcontractors - the documents approved in 2011 included a number of related plans and documents the critical to the financing of the program are the disposition and agreements and the attached financing plan that called for the formation of those districts the development program of the island as a whole includes the development of 8 thousand new homes actually more than 25 percent of which will be
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affordable up to 5 hundred new hotel rooms and half a million square feet of office space and significant range of public benefits three hundred acres of open space entirely new roadway systems and transportation facilities including a new ferry terminal on, on the island and improving treasure island and preps for current aid future sea level rise the financing and d da called for them to provide all the public and private improvements on the island and for the city to provide for the formation of an infrastructure and revitalization financing for districts and the community facilities district for public financing for improvements to
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reimburse - with the beginning of the activities on the island it is time for us to go through the process of forming those district and we're issuing that process with you today in terms of backward on the collections that finance that flow to the ifd and efd starting with the operational within tpr the district that's the one percent property taxes and the go bond gas stations out of the property taxes 35.3 percent of that goes to the state and other regional agencies and roughly 65 percent is for the city of san
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francisco under our financing plan 56.7 percent of that tax is dedicated to the infrastructure financing district and an additional 8 percent of that flows to the general fund but subordinated to the financing of district helps to provide a ratio for the debt issued the bonds issued against the district the cf z is the special tax assessed on properties within the cf d in addition to the traditional property taxes so the recommendations is that we have before you are 3 resolutions to fibrillator the formation of index rfp and two resolutions for the frorms of cf u those will be followed by a
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number of resolutions which we're introduced at the full board yesterday as well as two ordinances one of these recesses approving the infrastructure financing plan will come back to this committee in november and the additional resolutions in ordinance will be held - heard before the full board at a public hearing anticipated on december 6th this lays out the timeline for some of the actions as i mentioned the introductions happened yesterday for the follow-up resolutions and those will be heard here in committee or the one resolution will be heard in committee on november 2nd and then the hearing before the full board on december 6th including the public hearing and the election for the formation of the districts. >> a little bit of update on the status of program this map
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is the portion of the island that have been transferred boy tida to the navy and the bottom of the map have been transferred and there is a significant additional areas that will be transferred over the next 18 months with the final happening at the end of 2020 and 2021 we as i mentioned have the gun demolition on the island all the obsolete structures an yerba buena have been demolished and the demolition will start on the waterfront and treasure island is on the way the developers is also advertised or awarded several contracts with the reservoir contract have been bid the yerba buena island utility and right-of-way infrastructure is expected to mobilize next month
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the dbi technical package is out for bid right now and the utility and right-of-way infrastructure in the sub phase on treasure island is expected to steady the bid before the end of the year. >> so more detail on the i f r d works with the city's share the property taxes 56.9 percent of the pledged to the district and 8 percent is subordinated the i r f d is reimbursed quality and our source for public if his honor please, our the affordable housing development this map shows the project will be formed a total 55 project
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areas one of the advantages the ability to establish different project areas that will have different periods of time over which the tax increment will be approved for the financing as we move forward an additional sites is prepared for development we'll continue to annexation those this is a special tax for the rates put forward progression and similar to the i f r d with the public improvements and there is also our long term source for the maintenance of the parks and open space on the island and
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intended to develop a capital reserve for the implementations of sea level rise adaptation as we move forward so as i mentioned first 42 years of bond issues are going to be committed to the reimbursement of public infrastructure as part of the development as well as continuing to fund ongoing park maintenance costs but then after that the initial period we'll develop a capital retail use or reserve up u up to a quarter of a million dollars for the sea level rise adaptations and after 99 years if not triggered earlier we'll convert to the c to continue in perpetuity for the parks and open spaces this map shows the initial improvement areas for the suggestion of the parcels on yerba buena island as we move forward we'll annexation
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additional properties on treasure island into the cf d. >> so we stand before you today sapgsz we have been working on the project for for over a year to bring the measures to the board and if we're able to move forward we intend to hold the public hearing on december 6th and move forward to validate the formation next year and initiate the cf d i'll be happy to take questions and nadia from the office of financing. >> thank you director beck supervisor yee first. >> thank you for your presentation i want to
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understand the rate for the cf d is one percent? >> or is it variable. >> the cf d there are per square footage assessments from based on the type of development so not set as a percentage of property taxes in most cases that will equal between one .5 and one .6 percent i'm sorry .5 a .6 of the assessed value on top of the assessed one percent. >> is that in the taxation. >> i did not include that that the presentation part of the resolution of intention to form the cf d and exhibit that to the r m a the rate of proportion.
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>> once the proposed rate a set initially it is pretty much the rate at move forward or would that change. >> it would be the rate that will moved on the properties within the initial improvement areas agreement or each time an annexation of properties the rates will be reexamined and increased if appropriate based on escalation of the property values. >> so the estimate is 10.5 million annually that will go into the general fund to support infrastructure that the amount that will be for this particular parcel of land? >> the 10.5 is i believe the
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amount of review in $2,016 that will flow to the general fund in excess of all project obligations and in excess of all newly new general fund expenses generated as a result of the project as much as the new police and fiction on the island that $10.5 million a requester is the current assess of all project and project driven general fund that expenses versus in any general fund reviews. >> i get that part but the calculation is it based on the first annexation of parcels or
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based on that we'll annexation a lot more. >> that's based on the entire program and in terms of the cf d it nor create a general fund obligation as a supplemental taxation in addition to the standard at the property taxes. >> the i r f d that effects the general fund also. >> thank you so i know that in your presentation and talked about building up to 89 thousand homes that will three percent of them are affordable my understanding there is a target of maybe 27 percent in terms of affordability and just in general for the affordable housing portion my understanding is that the i f d would not necessarily cover essentially
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there will be a gap in funding affordable housing on treasure island can you talk a little bit about issue and how we'll address that in the future. >> and so two points in terms of number of affordable housing units the development plan the d da and the housing plan called for minimum of 25 percent affordable but it provides the city the option to increase from 2000 to 2000 one and 73 housing units that will be the 27 percent you registered we can exercise that option in terms of the number of units that will be built singles the financing plan was adopted in 2011, we seen an
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excavation - so that's contributing to a gap and a few other factors that factor into our debt certain funding sources available in 2011 at the federal level not currently available we have a base gap we've been working with the office of public financing and the mayor's office and the mayors budget staff to analyze alternatives to fill the gap that includes local resources some will be generated by the state with the motorist license vehicle fees and seek support at the state level for the reconstitution of a redevelopment level of support where the state will attribute some of the rap share generate
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as a result of the project and grant opportunity like the sustainable community which is a carbon tax that certainly million dollars to the project area. >> debris know that today, the items are to set up the the r f d so keeping the board posted by celebrations or considerations of how we're going to address that funding gap that would be great. >> we're looking forward to abrogating on the first affordable project in 2018 and looking forward to put our fencing plan in place. >> supervisor yee. >> yeah. this is not a budget
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question but in regards to the affordable housing piece of it what are we looking at in terms of the ami. >> so the range of affordability it is intended for treasure island is from zero to one and 20 percent of ami with the main medium to be 50 percent of ami. >> thank you. >> at this time let's going to the budget analyst report yes on package 15 of the report bans the assessed value of initial project areas over 43 years if 2018, 2019 to 2000 61, 62 it
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estimates one billion dollar and one and $52 million plus of conditional increment will be generated for is revitalization financing district that is over the 43 year term that otherwise have would have been allocated to the general fund using those estimate the maximum amount that is allocated to the general fund is billion dollars plus we also note that the proposed community facilities district will not have fiscal impact it levies an assessment paid by the property owners this is in addition to the pharynx and on page 16 of the report we noted it is shown in figure 7 that the overall project is amended to generate surplus to the general fund of approximately
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$338 million and plus a surplus of 6 hundred thousand per year and amended to generate surpluses of 200 and one million dollars plus an annual surplus on build out of three hundred thousand to the mta and the resolution fund and in conclusion on page - because of the proposed infrastructure and revitalization financing district in the community facilities district are consist with the extremity agreement between the city and the transportation authority and the disposition between the yerba buena island and yerba buena island, llc as previously approved by the board of supervisors we do recommend approval of those resolutions. >> thank you, very much. mr. rose at this time opening up for public comment i have one
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comment card from chair wiener williams but if there is anyone else please come on up. >> i'm with the treasure island initiative we're here to urge your support the formation of those district is very important in terms of generating the funds that will allow our affordable housing project to go forward we have our first project is funded and as supervisor tang noted there is still a gap there we're hopeful through all the mechanisms we'll be able to fill those gaps it is critical important we have those mechanisms available to obtain the yes, i did. >> funds we urge your support and in terms of the community facilities district a lot of the maintenance work we are currently done on treasure
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island done to the workforce training opportunity programs we support that as well thank you >> anyone wish to comment on item number 3 through 7 please come on up seeing none, public comment is closed. if we can get a motion items 3 through 7. >> i'll make that motion to pass item 3 to 7 with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> all right. without objection and with supervisor farrell absent. >> thank you very much for being here. >> mr. clerk item 8. >> resolution authorizing the transportation authority to execute a communication with the bart to negotiate licensed agreement with carriers to extend the ground commercial fiber and infrastructure to the sfmta underground system. >> thank you very much and i see we have coner johnston
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from supervisor president london breed's office. >> thank you vice chair coner johnston chief of staff with london breed about 3 and a half years ago i was complain on the n judah i can't text or read the news and couldn't answer her calls but there are 200 thousand people everyday that ride not - who ride the muni who are deprived of cell coverage and before supervisor president london breed asked me to work on that project to see what we can do i began working with muni and are we there yet? and the project started to gain steam with director nick of the bart board and then the mta chief financial officer came on board and the 3 of us pushed this and what the item before you i think i'm quoting harvey
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rose correct me if i am wrong mr. rose the most phenomenal deal i've seen in any 60 years of budget analyst because what bart will do is negotiate with those carriers they'll pay for the approximate $6 million in capital costs to provide the service in the tunnel and also pay annual fees to the mta so we'll be able to provide cell services so for the 200 million muni riders to text their family and work if their train is detailed and not only that service but we'll make money this is truly a win-win been great to work on. thank you to nick and others and on london breed ask for your support. >> thank you very much and mr. johnson i remember my legislative aide bringing this up and someone is running late
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they can't tell their boss with all due respect we've seen no movement but glad to see an agreement before us with that, i don't know if none from sfmta is so provide a presentation. >> gail i'm joined by travis from bart we just want to say we're excited to be moving forward with that project and mr. rose office has a complete report. >> i know that mr. johnson talked about that but can you in terms of the i guess the license fee contribution that will result from this contract how does that work. >> bart will be leading the discussion so i'll let the gentleman address that. >> thank you travis manager of information systems with the bay area rapidly bart has been doing
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a study the revenue is dependent upon on the number of hosts to the idea we the evidence will then show existing radio equipment and add cellular and build to large enough for the carriers to join the next i don't know that is reasonable to say whether the participation may save one to $3 million that will be divide between the agencies. >> in mr. rose's report it said mta for example, would receive 20 percent of license fees for areas controlled and or used by bart and 50 percent the license fees controlled by sfmta; is that correct. >> the decision it bans ownership of the property. >> the construction period. >> estimated between 12 and 18 months anticipate after the city and county of san francisco approves it will go to the bart
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board and begin negotiations and hopefully construction on the cellular early in the summer of next year. >> okay. on the mta side i think i read in the resolution that it will not only benefit customers but sfmta in terms of our own equipment can you talk a little bit about that and how that will be helpful to improve mta reception. >> i'll talk about that the idea was a neutral host system it is shared infrastructure before the transit and the commercial carriers the antenna have shared by the groups there is a lie helpful the tuning to have accurate cell phone calls and hundreds of thousand of people on the network it greater than the needs of radio purposes there is maintenance of the
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equipment there will be teams of r f radio frequency engineers to help to solve the problems and cellular connectivity you're talking about extending cellular phone also core benefits. >> did mta have anything else to add maybe you can translate this to improvement of customer service. >> you've phone will work in the underground areas you'll be able to look at schedules and send and receive e-mails to get on the web and another thing that ground will provide finally location service center that is key a rider want to know where they are and where to go to find
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their designation. >> i meant your equipment or procedures will improve on given the new reception will the new riders see improvements. >> it is really to address the cellular system i'm not the it expert i can't give you an answer but we expect to see cellular improvements and also not just to help you with work but also emergencies if people needs to call home or a larger emergency that is more assess to phones if you want a more technical response we'll get it to you. >> thank you very much supervisor yee. >> yeah. so in regards to the services for the cell phone is the great if it is along the bart line i'm curious because
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connor was talking about the n judah going through the tunnel and the twin peaks will that cover that area. >> it covers all underground mta property the ones currently ground and the ones built to extend the network to all the regions the above ground network is covered with the antennas it is difficult to penetrates 3 stories underground that's what we're focused on. >> so it includes the twin peaks tunnel and n judah that tunnel. >> right. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you last question might be more rhetor rhetorical can don't care to long. >> that's a good question for the city and county of san francisco and mta bart has been - it's been a shame we don't have the cellular service on the muni level what the downtown
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bart stations and montgomery and embarcadero the agencies have wanted to do a deal and e-mails and communications back and forth but it took i think the right amount of juice to get it over the goal line. >> thanks connor i guess (laughter) no, thank you i shouldn't take credit but director and others were phenomenal in making this happen and bart deserves a lot of credit they were enthusiastic about making it happen. >> thank you bart now let's go to our budget analyst report on the best deal mr. rose has ever seen. >> madam chair and supervisor yee owe didn't use the precise words that connor stated this is an outstanding deal for the city i agree with them and noted that mr. connor used in one reference uses the word steam he hope he was not steamed over this.
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>> (laughter). >> on page 21 we report that sfmta 123e789s the construction for extending the bart network will take between 12 and 18 months once an agreement is reached the total estimation cost 2 had the $9 million and paid by the cellular carriers no anticipated costs to bart or the sfmta and as i've stated sfmta didn't have an estimate at this time as to the fee revenues to be received by the sfmta we do recommend that i approve that resolution. >> thank you very much and so at this time i don't see any other questions or comments opening up for public comment anyone wish to comment on improved cell all right. public
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comment is closed. mr. clerk i'd like to add any name if we can get a motion. >> i can make a motion a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> and without objection with supervisor farrell absent item 9 please. item 9 resolution to authorize the department of emergency management and the department of technology to enter into a citywide meg hurts with the mortuary role not to exceed $76 million. >> i see someone in the department of emergency management. >> i'm michelle with the department of emergency management that the project sponsor for the radio replacement an jackson and want to come and talk about the program and give you a little bit of background with the system
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currently the city owns and maintains the public radio system that is used a daily by over 20 city departments and outside agencies that system is use daily one hundred thousand talks on a daily basis from integer with police communicating with police in the field and talking to capture and the services did not like the puc that use the system as they operate around the city the systems that are currently in operation 15-year-old in 2000 and are now becoming out of vendor support and the emergency radios that are carved by the police officers and firefighters are breaking at a considerable rate and now more and more unreliable so to address that problem
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fiscal year 2014-2015 approved an it project to replace the system at this point we had estimate the project was roughly $28 million and convened an steering committee and convened a project team with the department of emergency management and department of technology second the company to replace the system we've been in negotiation with them and as part of negotiations process we've been able to combine both the public safety and the public service radios and combine with the airport radio systems to create and bold one network that will be supported by all city departments and we feel this is
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the most efficient way to build 9 network and several benefits as part of the new system more importantly the radios that are used by the police and firefighters are going to be able to be inoperable not only in san francisco but if they are called out on a strike team outside of city limits throughout but fwaur they'll be able to take their radios the radios have battery life not only in buildings but building two new radio sites in the bayview and the san bruno jail the systems hinduism redundant and also be able to implement a gps to track officers in times of emergencies there are a lot of benefits with that system and so we're here today with a request to approve a contract
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with the motorola but the majority of radios that operate over 9 thousand radios we're anticipating as also part of the progress it is a large contract large dollars value and several others competing projects that are happening throughout the city so what coit recommended a financing arrangement we're able to finance the deficit the counteracting and ask an approval to enter into a contract for $35 million to - we've been able to obscure a 10 year financing arrangement very low interest rate so this is a good feel for the city and we
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would like to enter into a long term maintenance argument with motorola that will not - 24/7 technical support, onsite on downtime but upgrade the network every two years it is critical so we continue to use and operate on a current supported vendor platform by entering into the maintenance agreement we had 20 percent savings by this multi year contract and have the opportunity to get back finances for the outdoor agency that use this system. >> as far as the budget and schedule the budget analyst office did an excellent job in going through the cost estimate
7:47 am
which you see in the report but originally coit approved a $78 million project we're under that that includes the finances into the contract as of now on budget with the program and then in order to build the system a project that will take several years we're anticipating 4 years for the transition but if we approve that contract in the next several weeks here we're on track to ship 26 hundred affordable radios for the police and fire department so they'll be able to start using those radios as early as next year. >> that's all i had for the presentation i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> okay. thank you very much and i know you mentioned the systems would be integrated across the departments it is really a great thing i.
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>> is a that was mentioned the sfmta has a system with a different company it appears the systems will be compatible so. >> and also important that the same technology so the public safety radios what about programmed to prerequisite on the muni network and our anticipation is that we use it as a back up for the public safety and public service radio system we're planning to trj of many feasibility. >> thank you. great supervisor yee. >> yeah, this will be really exciting we'll fund and upgrade our system i have one question in regards to the length of the contract for maintenance of 18 years couldn't think of a logical reason 18 years why a reason 18 years.
7:49 am
>> that's a great question the first 3 years of the maintenance agreement so maintain our current system as we start to build the new system the first 18 are lower costs and to maintain the current network and then we have roughly a year of warranty and 15 years arrangement to maintain the new system and 15 years based on looking at our current system right now our current system is over 16-year-old we we use that a benchmark to guide obvious on the length of the maintains a very xeevens combraefr so we're not having to renovate, upgrade and replace all our network.
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>> would it make sense to make that a 10 year contract and the option to extend 5 more years so 10 years from now you could - right now, we're thinking we're senateer in the future and we'll protect the future with the rated in which technology is approving seems like 18 or 10 years from now the base will be different i can't imagine. >> that's an excellent point we did look at different models of how we would do the maintenance arrangement and looked at it upgrades in 6 years and again in 12 years but arrangement that motorola said a 15 years there was a savings by the bundles and have the option
7:51 am
to modify that and standard provisions for termination of non-appropriation as part of program if we have a change or major technology shift there is flexibility that the city has i will say if you look at public safety radio communications in general the market didn't move and quickly as you see in the consumer electronics a little bit different type of technology. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. i think that supervisor yee was getting to some of the points i was going to raise i'm glad to see the built in upgrades and have currently we're not doing that at all out of curious so we're purchasing the equipment or the any models for leasing equipment so again, we're not in a situation maybe 18 years down
7:52 am
the line we need a significant amount of money to purchase new equipment and invest in upgrades that is for over a shorter are period of time. >> we did ask for that type of arrangement and different arrangements as part of rf process models in some instances motorola has a model they own the network and city and counties use the network they have different models with the standard traditionally model. >> i'm guessing because with the proper maintenance we're hoping that will still be beneficial in a pretty - i mean new term for a long term. >> yes. absolutely and the system will be upgraded the bay stations will be upgraded we'll still have to tie in a 10 year
7:53 am
period look at a refresher program for the affordable radios and working with the mayor's office roadway on how we can look at long term replacement strategy for the actual portable radios on the network. >> i think this is obviously very, very important for our city and you know, i think we're all pretty sure behind that given that is a large dollar amount it it takes time and resources to refresh our system and trying to make sure whatever agreement make sense for us in the long term. >> all right so at this time oh, supervisor yee something else mr. rose. >> yes. madam chair and supervisor yee on page 31 the first 4 years of maintenance agreement the maintenance costs will be the same three hundred
7:54 am
and 20 thousands annually as motorola maintains the system but in 2021 to 200022 plus over one million dollars unanimously and on page 32 of our report a table 8 shows the estimated cost for the radio replacement is one and $5 million plus and we do are recommend you approve that resolution. >> thank you, mr. rose. >> so at this time opening up for public comment if anyone is here to speak on item 9 seeing none, public comment is closed. (laughter) oh, i'm sorry was there someone oh, okay sorry we'll reopen public comment for item 9 my apologies >> good morning tom president of the firefighters i'll wear my
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sneakers next time i'll here to speak on behalf of the firefighters we totally support this radio system it is transmittal for the firefighters going forward that allows the fire department to replace our radios upgrade the infrastructure to a modern public safety standard i'll include radio coverage by especially in the below market rate and more importantly for firefighters tolerated our ability for communication and lastly that provides improved technology for lost firefighters in an emergency situation as the san francisco fire department we approve that. >> anyone wish to comment on item number 9 i'm scanning the room all right. now public comment is closed. all right. supervisor yee. >> i'll make a motion to pass
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that out of committee with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> without objection. >> mr. clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> that completes the items for today. >> thank you. we're adjourne
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>> tuesday, october 18, 2016, meeting of the san francisco entertainment commission my name is a bryant tan the president and a few housekeeping items one please turn off your cell phones or on vibrate not to interrupt the meeting and two if you're a member of the public i don't see a lot of people out there but like tope


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